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Classic Authors
Joseph Conrad
C.S. Forester 19th century sea
H. Rider Haggard
Jack London survival
Alistair MacLean 20th century war
Patrick O’Brian 19th century sea
Rafael Sabatini swashbucklers
19th century military
Bernard Cornwell
George MacDonald Fraser bawdy Victorian adventure/parody
Alexander Kent
Allan Mallinson
Richard Woodman
20th & 21st century military
Edward Beach
Dale Brown
Harold Coyle
Michael Dimercurio
W.E.B. Grifin Brotherhood of War; The Corps
Alistair MacLean WWII British army and navy
Jack Higgins
Richard Marcinko
Douglas Reeman WWII British navy
Patrick Robinson
Tess Gerritsen
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Len Deighton
Ken Follett
Frederick Forsyth
Brian Freemantle
Dorothy Gilman
Bill Granger
Jack Higgins
Robert Littell
Robert Ludlum
Philip Shelby
Craig Thomas
Exotic Adventure
James Clavell Asia historical
Michael Crichton
Clive Cussler
Gary Jennings
Wilbur Smith Africa and ancient Egypt
James L.Nelson
Political Intrigue and Terrorism
John Nance
Technothrillers and Political Adventure
Dale Brown
Tom Clancy
Stephen Coonts Jake Grafton
Dean Ing
David Poyer
Joe Weber

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