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Biographies for Teens

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Season on the reservation Abdul-Jabbar older teens
Ansel Adams Gherman
Samuel Adams… Fradin
Greatest : Muhammed Ali Myers
Alicia Alonso Arnold
Voice that challenged America : Marian Anderson Freedman
Marian Anderson Tedards
I know why the caged bird sings Angelou older teens
Maya Angelou Cuffie
Maya Angelou Kirkpatrick
Maya Angelou Kite
Maya Angelou Shapiro
Susan B. Anthony Weisberg
Traitor : the case of Benedict Arnold Fritz
Aung San Suu Kyi Stewart
Charles Barkley Dolan
Long Way Gone Beah older teens
The Beatles Roberts
Mary McLeod Bethune Halasa
Elizabeth Blackwell Brown
Nellie Bly Fredeen
Good brother, bad brother…Booth Giblin
Margaret Bourke-White Daffron
Carry on, Mr. Bowditch Latham
Running with scissors Burroughs older teens
Anthony Burns…fugitive slave Hamilton
George W. Bush Jones
Black Whiteness…Admiral Byrd Burleigh
Mary Cassatt Streissguth
Girl from Yamhill Cleary
Hillary Rodham Clinton Guernsey
Buffalo Bill Cody Spies
Copernicus …astronomy Andronik
Life and death of Crazy Horse Freedman
Crazy Horse St. George
King of the mild frontier Crutcher older teens
Roald Dahl Shields
Jefferson Davis Ingram
Emily Dickinson Olsen
Frederick Douglass Becker
Frederick Douglass Burchard
Frederick Douglass Douglass
Charles Drew Mahone-Lonesome
Paul Laurence Dunbar Gentry
Katherine Dunham O’Connor
Dwight David Eisenhower, President Van Steenwyk
Behind the mask…Queen Elizabeth I Thomas
Duke Ellington Frankl
Abracadabra kid Fleischman
Alexander Fleming…penicillin Gottfried
Alexander Fleming…penicillin Tocci
Amos Fortune, free man Yates
Diary of a young girl Frank
Memories of Anne Frank Gold
Homesick, my own story Fritz
Galileo Galilei and the science… Boerst
Gandhi, great soul Severance
Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) Dean
John Glenn Streissguth
Vincent van Gogh Greenberg
Martha Graham, a dancer’s life Freedman
Unconditional surrender…Grant Marrin
Autobiography of a face Grealy older teens
Death be not proud Gunther
This land was made for you and me… Guthrie Partridge
Young, black, and determined…Hansberry McKissack
Longitude prize [Harrison] Dash
Endless steppe Hautzig
Jimi Hendrix Markel
All creatures great and small Herriot
Life and death of Adolf Hitler Giblin
Lena Horne Palmer
Escape!…Houdini Fleischman
Make way for Sam Houston Fritz
Langston Hughes Rummel
Sorrow’s kitchen…Zora Neale Hurston Lyons
Saddam Hussein Anderson
Land I lost Huynyh
Thomas Jefferson Old
Red scarf girl Jiang
Scott Joplin Preston
Story of my life Keller
Helen Keller Wepman
Johannes Kepler Boerst
Coretta Scott King Rhodes
Martin Luther King, Jr. Darby
Martin Luther King, Jr. Jakoubek
Martin Luther King, Jr. Patterson
Restless spirit…Dorothea Lange Partridge
Queen Latifah Ruth
John Lennon : All I want is the truth Partridge older teens
Leonardo da Vinci O’Connor
I was a teenage professional wrestler Lewin
Commander in Chief…Lincoln Marrin
Charles A. Lindbergh Giblin
No pretty pictures Lobel
Jack London Dyer
George Lucas White
Great little Madison Fritz
Madonna Marley
Malcolm X : By any means necessary Myers older teens
Nelson Mandela Finlayson
Thurgood Marshall Rowh
Pedro Martinez Gallagher
Into the Wild…McCandless Krakauer older teens
Edna St. Vincent Millay Daffron
Grandma Moses Biracree
Bad boy Myers
How I came to be a writer Naylor
Isaac Newton; the greatest… Anderson
Isaac Newton; organizing… Boerst
The Dancer who flew Maybarduk
Basher five-two O’Grady
Rosa Parks Hull
Rosa Parks: my story Parks
My life in dog years Paulsen
Woodsong Paulsen
Gary Paulsen Fine
Bill Peet : an autobiography Peet
Within reach…Everest Pfetzer
King Philip Averill
Edgar Allan Poe Streissguth
Upstairs room Reiss
Christopher Reeve Finn
Sally Ride Camp
Will Rogers Malone
Eleanor Roosevelt; a life of… Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt : a passion… Spangenburg
Eleanor Roosevelt Toor
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Devaney
Bully for you, Teddy Roosevelt! Roosevelt
J.K. Rowling Steffens
Burn journals Runyon
Me talk pretty one day Sedaris older teens
Sequoyah’s gift Klausner
Shipwreck at the bottom of the world…Shackleton Armstrong
Sammy Sosa Muskat
Steven Spielberg Ferber
Knots in my yo-yo string Spinelli
John Steinbeck Reef
Escape from Saigon [Steiner] Warren
Harriet Beecher Stowe and … Fritz
Little X : growing up…Islam Tate older teens
J.R.R. Tolkien : creator of… Lynch
Harriet Tubman Taylor
Andy Warhol Greenberg
Earl Warren Compston
Up from slavery Washington
George Washington and the … Marrin
George Washington, spymaster Allen
All rivers run to the sea Wiesel older teens
Night Wiesel older teens
Oprah Winfrey Krohn
This boy’s life Wolff older teens
When I was a soldier Zenatti
Flight of Red Bird [Zitkala-Sa] Rappaport

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