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Library mission

The mission of the East Longmeadow Public Library is to provide free and equal access to information, resources, and technology.  Its purpose is to help educate and enrich our community in response to the intellectual, educational, and cultural needs and input of its patrons. The library offers an extensive variety of materials for the purpose of study or enjoyment and supports literacy and life-long learning for its town residents.

East Longmeadow Public Library Strategic Plan – September 2017
History of the library

Since its founding in 1896, the East Longmeadow Public Library grew from a couple hundred books on shelves in the Board of Selectman’s office in the town hall to the two-story building it inhabits today. During those years, library users saw the library grow and adapt through many transformations. The library quickly outgrew its space in the Selectman’s office and was moved into a room of its own within the town hall. In 1957, the library moved into a building next to the town hall, and ten short years later, the town purchased, expanded, and renovated the Carlisle’s Hardware Store, a building adjacent to the town hall, to use as the library. The role of the public library and the delivery of information changed drastically over the next thirty-seven years, and in 1994 the Board of Library Trustees and concerned citizens began many long years of studies, surveys, plans, and fundraising to create a library that would meet – and grown with – the needs of its community.
A new building, which almost doubled the space of the former library building, was opened to the public in February 2004. The library is conveniently located in the center of town, in a building adjacent to town hall.

The Library will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th.