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East Longmeadow Public Library is a member of the Central and Western Massachusetts Resource Sharing (CW MARS) consortium and adheres to the system’s recommended guidelines and policies for issuing library cards, loan periods and limits, and lending library materials.

1. Library Cards

For the protection and security of all patrons, a library card is the preferred way of accessing a library account.

A Massachusetts Public Library patron will have one CW MARS card which will be good at all public and some academic libraries in the network. Patrons with multiple CW MARS cards will be asked to retain their home library card if possible.

a. Any resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may obtain an East Longmeadow Public Library card. To obtain a library card, an individual must complete a registration form and show a photo ID with their name and current address. Acceptable forms of identification include:

i. Driver’s license with current address
ii. Massachusetts ID card
iii. School ID
iv.  A combination of photo ID card and documentation of the current address (examples include utility bill, tax bill, eBill)

b. Children aged 17 and younger will be issued a card with a parent or legal guardian present. The parent or legal guardian must show identification and sign as to their relationship to the child.

c. Out of State residents may obtain an East Longmeadow Public Library card, or reregister, by presenting their home state’s version of the acceptable forms of identification listed for Massachusetts residents and paying a $38.00 yearly fee per card. This fee may be waived under the following circumstances, provided proper documentation is presented at the time of registration:

i. Current employee of the Town of East Longmeadow (may be required to show a payroll stub)
ii. Current East Longmeadow taxpayer who present a copy of their current East Longmeadow tax bill

d. There is no initial charge for a library card.

e. Lost or misplaced cards will be issued after showing proper identification and paying a $2.00 replacement charge.

2. Loan Periods and Limits

Patrons may borrow a maximum of 50 items at one time. Patrons may have a maximum of 20 items on hold at one time.

Three Week Loan Period

Material Type Renewals Limits
Books 1 50
CDs 1 20
Audiobooks CDs 1 10
Board Games 1 1
Puzzles 1 5
Adults Playaways 1 10
Kindle 1 1

Two Week Loan Period

Material Type Renewals Limits
New Adult Books 1 50
Wi-Fi Hotspot 0 1
Outdoor Games 1 1

One Week Loan Period

Material Type Renewals Limits
Magazines 1 10
DVDs 1 20
Video Games 1 Varies
Children's Playaways 1 2
Children's Launchpads 1 2
Chromebook 0 1
Library of Things Items Varies Varies

Three Day Loan Period

Material Type Renewals Limits
Museum Passes 0 1

3. Library Accounts

All libraries will be allowed to update patron accounts to reflect accurate information with verification. Patrons will notify  library staff of changes to name, address, phone, and email.

The “Home Library” location code in the patron account will reflect the town in which the patron resides. Non CW MARS and out of state patrons will have separate location codes. These home library codes will provide nonresident circulation statistics.

a. Patrons are blocked by the system when:

i. Their registration expires.
ii. Patron owes $10.00 or more in fines, replacement costs, fees.
iii. Patron has 1 lost item.
iv. Patron has 50 or more items checked out.

b. Patrons assume responsibility for all items borrowed. Libraries agree that the overdue notice will be issued when an item is two weeks overdue and the billing notice will go out when the item is four weeks overdue. Overdue notices are sent via email. Patrons will receive email reminders 2 days before items are due and overdue reminders 2 weeks after an item’s due date has passed. Eligible items will renew automatically. Items may also be renewed in person at the circulation desk, by phone, or by logging into a library account online. In the event an item is lost, the patron will be charged a replacement fee.

c. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy only. Patrons are responsible for returning their items on time and paying their fines and fees regardless of whether or not the notification is received.

d. Lost materials are items that have been overdue for more than 4 weeks, or that cannot be found and returned by the patron. Patrons will be charged for each lost item on their account in accordance with CW MARS policy.

i. East Longmeadow items that are lost will be subject to a charge for the full replacement cost of that item. No refunds will be issued once the item is billed and paid. East Longmeadow does not accept replacement copies for lost items.
ii.  For items belonging to other libraries, patrons may log into their account and pay with a credit card or pay in-person by check made out to the owning library. The check payment will be mailed to the owning library. Patrons will have to contact the owning library in the event they subsequently locate a lost and paid item. Each lending institution has their own policy and procedure in place, and patrons may or may not be issued a refund.

e. Overdue fines, lost fees, or damaged item fees may be waived at the discretion of the Library Director or designee.

f. Any patron that is a registered borrower at a certified CW MARS member library can log in to their account and review their library record online. While logged in, the patron will see a list of materials borrowed, outstanding requests for library materials, and any fines owed. Patrons will also be able to request items from other libraries through their account online. Each time a patron accesses their account online, they will be required to enter a library card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Patrons can request a new PIN by either selecting “Forgot Your PIN?” button and the PIN will be emailed to their address on file, or patrons may contact the circulation desk for assistance in resetting a PIN at 413-525-5400, ext. 1511.

g. Library accounts and their associated personal information are confidential. East Longmeadow Public Library is constrained by the requirements of Chapter 66, Section 10 of the Massachusetts General Laws dealing with access to public records and to the extent that records maintained by the East Longmeadow Public Library are public records under said law. However, Chapter 78 Section 7 of the Massachusetts General Law addresses borrower confidentiality. It states: “That part of the records of a public library which reveals the identity and intellectual pursuits of a person using the library shall not be public record…” Therefore, confidential library records should not be released or made available in any format to a federal agent, law enforcement officer, or other person unless a court order in proper form has been entered by a court of  competent jurisdiction.

h. Patrons may give permission for another individual to pick up their items on hold. The person picking up another patron’s items on hold must present the receiving patron’s library card, library card number, or a picture of their library card to Library Staff. Library Staff may make a notation in the borrower’s record noting permissions.

i. Only the Library Director is authorized to accept and respond to court orders or other requests for circulation or registration records.


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on July 18, 2018
Amended by the Board of Library Trustees on May 20, 2020
Amended by the Board of Library Trustees on December 15, 2021
Amended by the Board of Library Trustees on January 18, 2023